Photo editing apps are essential because they let people improve the quality of their images and make unique, attractive graphics. Photo editing apps provide users with a variety of options to enhance brightness, contrast, saturation, and more in light of the growth of social media and the requirement for aesthetically attractive material.

With the help of these photo editing free apps, you can create beautiful graphics for corporate banners, appealing social media posts, remarkable visual arts, and other uses with just your smartphone. These apps provide a wide range of choices, such as cropping, applying filters, and adding special effects. Images from digital cameras are loaded into these photo editing apps and edited there. In general, photo editing apps are important for contemporary communication and self-expression.

Everyone may now use some of the best photo editing apps, including amateurs and pros. On mobile cellphones, users may simply edit photographs to portray them as superb works of art. Thanks to the built-in editing capabilities of these photo editing software programs, your mobile phone may now efficiently handle both image capture and retouching.

Best Photo Editing Apps Free for Android

The free editing app that is best for you depends on a few factors. It must be engaging and easy to use. a setting that is suited to smartphones. has a variety of editing options available to you. The top 15 photo editing apps for Android smartphones are listed below.

1. Epik

Epik is one of the best photo editing apps for modifying, enhancing, and editing photos. By utilizing cutting-edge editing tools, it enables great photo retouching. Highlights, lovely portraiture, fault elimination, a natural skin tone, artistic cosmetics, body paint, hair, relighting, mosaics, touch-ups, imaginative photo editing, contemporary brushes, stickers, effects, adding messages, and many more features are among the features.

Use customized templates to add your unique look and make easy changes. Add pictures, create stickers with cutouts, use strokes, whatever you wish, and create your own AI effects, filters, colored frames, borders, and backgrounds.

With a subscription option, it ranks among the best free photo editing apps for Android. The cost of the pro edition is 59 INR a week for an ad-free editing experience. This tool is extremely useful for creating eye-catching collages or lightly altering photos.

Download: Google Play Store

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is a superb photo-editing program that is appropriate for both novice users and experienced editors who wish to make their photographs appear expertly repaired. It is a free and straightforward image editor that will enable you to exercise your creativity.

Trimming, slicing, and adding music, pictures, and stickers are just a few of the features. You can also easily get rid of zits, red eyes, perfect skin, lighten your teeth, and more with only the bare minimum of tools. To change the tone of the photos, use overlaying. Use the Focus Blurring method to get better results or the Color Splash feature to enhance color. continual updates to the filters, border collections, and layouts.

The Favorites option enables you to keep track of your favorite visuals and components. Installing the app is all that is required to get started; creating a profile is not required. The tool costs $4.90 per month for a single user and $9.91 for a bundle for five users.

Download: Pixlr 

3. Canva

Canva is a fantastic tool for visual communication. A number of picture-enhancing effects are available on Canva. Both the photos you provide and the ones Canva provides can have aesthetic adjustments made to them. However, getting familiar with the application and knowing all of its features might take some time. Although novices may certainly utilize this tool, having solid design credentials will give you an advantage.

Anything from simple photo editing to designing drawings for social networking sites to writing assignments and billboards may be done with it. You may modify the size, brightness, blur, borders, stickers, color, contrast, sharpening, add filters, and so much more using the features. Languages or colors can be used to search for or browse through the layouts. You may upload photos using this option.

The majority of Canva’s capabilities are free for professional editing. However, individuals who seek more perks can purchase subscription packages. The cost of the plans is $48.41 for pro users and $79.78 for the first five team members each year.

Download: Google PlayStore

4. Prisma

A photo editing tool called Prisma creates amazing photo alterations that transform your photos into works of art. Prisma provides innovative visual filters. When you start using the program, you’ll undoubtedly notice some amazing, unusual outcomes.

It offers hundreds of art forms to add more individuality to your photographs. The frequency with which distinct art styles are presented is this app’s best feature. Using this tool, you may display your abilities on several social networking platforms. Options for picture manipulation can be used to facilitate real editing and cover up defects.

Under the picture-enhancing option, users may enjoy a variety of visual aspects like temperature, clarity, contrasts, intensity, etc. Prisma’s creative lens interface supports more than 500 photo effects for photographs. The Prisma app is available for free download from the Play Store. The cost to subscribe is $7.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

Download: Prisma

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is a thorough and knowledgeable image editor. Google developed this editing program. Here, you can play with a variety of photo editing apps and effects on your photos. It features a huge selection of imaginative templates and photo editing tools.

Both novice and experienced photographers can utilize the application’s wealth of high-quality toolkits and themes. Editing RAW files is particularly simple and highly user-friendly. The tip of the finger may be used to make the basic adjustments.

You may modify the brightness and hue of the picture either individually or in groups, crop the image randomly or according to predetermined dimensions, remove an unpleasant person from a group photo, and use a paintbrush to adjust the luminance, intensity, or temperature of an image. One of the best free photo editing apps is Snapseed.

Download: Snapseed

6. Adobe Photoshop Express

A useful tool for artistic photo editing is Adobe Photoshop Express. Editors of all skill levels are drawn to the application’s simple interface because it allows them to express their creativity using a wide range of toolkits.

With Photoshop Express, you have access to a wide variety of tools and methods. There are many different functions and methods available. To remove backdrops and highlight certain issues, use complete and partial additions with blur. Use the photo-editing tool to enhance colors and photographs while also customizing and refining your experiences by adding stickers, overlays, blurring, and visual effects.

This easy photo editor includes all the features you could possibly need to create shared photos. You may edit a photo’s size, align photographs, or change camera settings with only a few clicks. You can turn off background music and hide defects with a few simple movements. The monthly fee for Adobe Photoshop Express’s premium edition is $9.99. This app is included in the list of the best photo editing apps free in 2023.

Download:  Google Play Store.

7. Adobe Lightroom

The best photo editing program is Adobe Lightroom. This program will be the holy grail for you if you love editing. It is sleek and effective, and it contains the bulk of the necessary photo-editing elements. Discover novel concepts with the help of the Lightroom Discover tool, and learn from other experts who guide you through interactive tutorials inside the program.

Simple lighting, tone, and other feature modifications, presets for every skin tone that make photos look more polished, cloud synchronization for access on other devices, and powerful backdrops and effects are among the features.

Although some knowledge of cinematography and editing is initially required, even novices and professionals may greatly benefit from the program. It is unquestionably useful as a versatile picture management tool. 1TB of online data storage is included in the $9.99/month Lightroom membership plan.

Download: Adobe Lightroom

8. Gimp

A sophisticated tool for limitless photo editing is GIMP. GIMP provides constant progress, lets users utilize Photoshop plug-ins, and swiftly fixes any program flaws. Although it is quite easy to use, it has a powerful toolset that can compete with some of the more expensive media editing applications available.

GIMP offers the tools required for skilled image alterations. You may use many other techniques to display your creativity, such as making beautiful collages and polishing. Due to the abundance of customization options and third-party plugins, users may significantly increase productivity with GIMP.

Other features include the ability to swiftly remedy minor mistakes or the use of cloning techniques to remove extraneous pieces. Perspective distortions brought on by camera shake may simply be corrected by using the right tool. Lens correction and barrel distortion can be eliminated using a filter and the user interface. Media files may be opened, viewed, edited, and saved.

Whether you’re a graphic artist, illustrator, social media influencer, or tech inventor, GIMP provides you with the cutting-edge techniques you need to finish the job. Users can use it and share their work for free because it is open-source software. This app is included in the list of the best photo editing apps free in 2023.

Download: Gimp

9. Picsart

For easy online picture and video editing, Picsart is a fantastic choice. With its wide selection of editing tools, Picsart makes creation fun since users may experiment with the settings and get the desired results. One may improve the aesthetic appeal of their photos by changing the platform’s many themes and effects.

Picsart offers a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to use and modify photographs for both seasoned and novice users. Most of the free components are top-notch. Cropping, perspective correction, color palette adjustments, blurring, grids, brightness adjustments, color improvements, aesthetic filters, retouching, lens flare effects, the FX tool, removing undesirable elements, creating remixes, and other features are among the features.

Users who subscribe have access to extra features. The cost of the plans is $30.45 for a team and $22.35 for Picsart Gold annually.

Download:  Google Play Store.

10. Lensa

The best Android photo editing software is Lensa, which enables you to add a distinctive creative touch and make your images look more dynamic. It has a ton of functions and offers users the chance to present themselves through images. Use Lensa to ensure that every photo you take is perfect.

Make use of free photo editing software. Using the camera’s fundamental characteristics and picture upgrades, each photo may be made fantastic. It is not necessary to be a skilled photographer to use this editing program. An auto-adjust feature, pre-made image frames, a portrait option, and tools for boosting selfies with zit removal, photo retouching, eye bag removal, or lightening under-eye circles are among the features.

Additionally, use a range of artistic approaches to fix any fuzzy photographs, alter the brightness, and eliminate unwanted background objects. plus a whole lot more. The Lensa pricing scheme is quite original. 50 unique avatars cost $3.99; 100 unique avatars cost $5.99; and 200 unique avatars cost $7.99.

Download:  Google Play Store.

11. PhotoShot

A capable photo editing program is PhotoShot. The software’s straightforward user interface appeals to users of all skill levels since it enables them to express their creativity by utilizing a variety of development tools.

Excellent effects, image resizing, backdrop switching, cropping, overlaying, background blurring, revisions, layouts, fitting, adding phrases to pictures, elegant stickers, and extensive editing are among the features. Additionally, artistic tools are provided for enhancing, stylizing, and animating your photos.

Photo Enhancer immediately improves blurry, noisy, or low-resolution photo graphs with just one tap using cutting-edge AI technology. The best photo-editing software for Android, PhotoShot, allows you to change the clothes in pictures. Starting at 290 INR per week, 1900 INR per year, and 3650 INR for lifetime services, the premium services are priced. This app is included in the list of the best photo editing apps free in 2023.

Download:  Play Store.

12. LightX photo editor

An intuitive photo editing software for Android is called LightX. You may alter photographs by using advanced photo editing features, including color mixing, contours, brightness, and ambient effects. Utilize a variety of collage styles and matrix patterns to create photo collages out of many pictures. The collage’s size, color scheme, and edge width can all be changed by users.

Their photos have features like changing the backdrop. Additionally, users may blur pictures, create cartoons and animations, shoot charming selfies and portrait photos, change the color of their hair, add duotone effects, merge pictures, and edit pictures for sharpness, saturation, hue, highlighting, and silhouettes. Utilize various blending techniques to combine photos.

A range of image effects are available. Acne and other facial flaws should be treated. For portrait photographs, employ different haircuts and hair colors while blurring the backdrop. This app is included in the list of the best photo editing apps free in 2023.

Download:  Play Store.

13. Photo Editor: Collage Maker

Editor of photographs: Collage Maker is a fantastic photo editor. Using Photo Editor, you may produce photo collages, photo grids, picture threads, and image alterations for sharing on social networking sites. It is the most complete and effective photo-editing application for Android mobile devices.

Features include 300+ image frame or picture grid layouts; the ability to combine up to 20 photos into one collage; and a variety of backgrounds, stickers, text, and doodle possibilities. Select a photo, annotate the photos with text or quotations, change the collage’s borders and picture dimensions, and much more. Download images in high resolution and upload them to social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Line, and others.

Download:  Play Store.

14. Visage Lab

For professional aesthetic assistance with your self-portrait photography, contact Visage Lab. Post your upgraded photos on social networking sites to share them with your neighborhood. The results might be stored on the camera or emailed.

Features include fully automated face retouching, facial smoothening with the elimination of facial shine, flaws, and wrinkles, eye makeup, red eye treatment, tooth brightness, forty or more amazing artistic effects, color improvement, eye-catching creative backdrops, and other effects to your photos that have been altered to make them appear more attractive.

a plethora of retro and antique photography effects, exotic backgrounds, backlighting, and color filters. Everyone’s faces will be altered in a group photo. picture. This app is included in the list of the best photo editing apps free in 2023.

Download: Visage App

15. PhotoTune AI

You can update outdated photos to make them seem more modern and high-definition with the easy one-touch editing program PhotoTune. Now, improving photo quality is quite easy. They provide HDR effects that lift images to new heights. Improve and fix blurry, outdated, distorted, low-quality, and foggy photos.

Select the image you want to improve and level up. To boost the pixel density of any image, use the Enhance tool. Modern AI technology allows Photo Enhancer to immediately enhance blurry, noisy, or low-resolution photographs. Using photo enhancement, you may improve your face expression in pictures, bring back damaged or old ones, and fine-tune the photos. This app is included in the list of the best photo editing apps free in 2023.

Download:  Play store.


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