A search for download managers has you stumped as to which one is the best. Then you should read this post. Here is a comprehensive list of the 15 best free download managers to make downloading easier.

Smaller files can be downloaded using a browser, but for all other downloads, a download manager is a far more practical choice. A decent download manager may automatically connect to an Internet provider at night, when prices are cheap, and download files. These programs are made with specific functions in mind.

When the downloading is finished, the manager will also disconnect the dial-up and turn off the computer. It has capabilities like virus scanning, traffic shaping, scheduling, and cataloging and interfaces nicely with web browsers.

Additionally, if a browser crash, a power outage, or a lost connection stops a download, a download manager will resume where the process left off. Additionally, it enables watching partially downloaded video files and has a 500% improvement in download rates.

However, there are several concerns about free download managers. For instance, how to choose the best one, whether these are free from viruses and acceptable for usage, and several other questions Fortunately, I addressed everything in this article.

Best Free Download Managers

With 10x lightning-fast download speeds, all of these free download managers for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android devices are trustworthy, virus-free, and permissible to use. So, let’s checkout each of these best free download managers in more detail.

1. Free Download Manager (FDM)

One of the best and most popular free download managers on the internet is Free Download Manager (FDM). A file is divided into many portions and downloaded collectively using FDM, a potent contemporary download accelerator, to achieve the 10x maximum speed.

Additionally, you can use it to arrange your downloads for computers running Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. Its flawless, adware-free download experience is what distinguishes it as one of the best free download managers.

Its features include remote control, restarting broken downloads, a virus check before downloading, HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/BitTorrent support, and proxy support. You can also monitor your downloads from the website and the mobile app remotely. One drawback is that your anti-virus program could erase it. Though it’s worth a shot.

2. GetGo Software

One of the best free download managers for managing the download of bigger items like TV episodes, movies, games, and other media is GetGo. With its built-in online browser, GetGo 123, users may identify and download web movies using cloud-based technologies, increase download speeds by up to five times, restart, and schedule downloads.

The service has a clever download engine that automatically divides the file into smaller chunks, utilizing multiple threads to speed up your download, as well as extensive error recovery and resume options.

It offers simple batch download setup, dockable, customizable, and skinnable GUI improvements, as well as enhancement and support.

3. Internet Download Accelerator (IDA)

Another excellent free download manager on our list is the Internet Download Accelerator (IDA). It’s freemium software, and in my test, the free edition performed admirably, albeit occasionally laggy. With IDM, users may use the FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols to speed things up.

Its features include compatibility with Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge New, Apple Safari, Vivaldi, Mozilla, Opera, and Yandex Browser, as well as malware scans and the ability to turn your device off, put it to sleep, or leave it in standby mode when the download is complete.

You may stream MP3s and movies while downloading them with IDA, and you don’t need to use any other programs to open RAR and ZIP files. It continues to interrupt downloads from FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS servers. The drawbacks are that it has advertisements and is only compatible with Windows.

4. Xtreme Download Manager

One of the well-known free download managers, Xtreme Download Manager (XDM), has the ability to speed up downloads by up to five times. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Quantum, Opera, Vivaldi, and other browsers based on Chromium and Firefox may all be integrated with XDM thanks to its built-in video converter.

It provides premium features without charging a fee, such as support for various firewall kinds and all proxy server types, including Windows ISA. XDM supports batch downloads, NTLM, Basic, Digest, Kerberos, Negotiate authentication methods, and auto proxy setup.

It has the capacity to recover from errors and resume downloads that were halted by lost connections or unplanned power outages. In order to allow surfing while downloading, it also offers a speed limitation. and has download queues available.

5. JDownloader

Another excellent open-source, free download manager is JDownloader. To provide us with the best performance, a group of developers continues to work on it.

It’s a flexible framework that may help you get more done in less time each day. Its features include an auto-captcha solver so users don’t have to perform it before starting a download and the use of plugins to automate downloads.

JDownloader is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and JD-Source operating systems. The UI and UX are basic and easy to use even for non-technical people, but the disadvantages include the need to download extra software and the presence of adware when using them. If you don’t care about them, try this one as well.

6. Free RapidDownloader

It is an open-source, free download manager that lets you download files from websites like Picasa, Facebook, and YouTube. The capacity of RapidDownloader to download from file-sharing websites is well recognized. Copy the download URL, and it will automatically complete the task.

One of its advantages is the ability to download videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. An ad-free experience is what you can expect. Multiple languages are supported, including English, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Finnish, Slovak, and Hungarian.

On Windows, Linux, and Mac, RaidDownloader is accessible, and it has the ability to automatically update plugins. Although the user interface is somewhat dated, it is well worth your time.

7. Download Accelerator Manager (DAM)


One of the most dependable and cost-free download managers is Download Accelerator Manager. Thanks to DAM’s dynamic file segmentation, which divides downloads into sections only before they start, you may accelerate your download by 1000% (10 times).

All popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and IE, are supported. It provides excellent download management, scheduling, resuming, and speeding capabilities. Users of DAM may download audio and video content from sites like Facebook and YouTube.

If you’re worried about the UI and any dangerous software that may have been installed along with it, be assured that it is 100% clean and free of all spyware, adware, viruses, and malware. You should absolutely give it a try; you won’t be sorry.

8. DownThemAll

Users may download all the links or pictures on a page with the help of DownThemAll, a potent free download manager browser plugin. Additionally, it is fully integrated into the browser of your choice and lets users queue, pause, and restart downloads whenever they choose.

Users may download a huge number of files in only a few seconds thanks to its capabilities, which include complete integration with Mozilla Firefox and page spidering with a single click. Only choose the files you need and apply your own criteria, and you’ll be ready to go.

In addition to having all the features of the best free download managers, it also uses a clever download method called “multipart download” to make the most of available bandwidth and boost download speeds by 400% on average.

9. Advanced Download Manager (ADM)

The name speaks for itself. In this list, the Advanced Download Manager is a bit of an outlier. Although a software version is also available, its management of all your downloads for smartphones and tablets works fantastically.

You may download almost anything on the website or app for free, in addition to the thousands of hours of free content available online. By leveraging multithreading (16 sections) and continuing interrupted downloads, it speeds up downloading.

With concurrent download files in the queue, it also handles downloads greater than 2 GB. Its straightforward user interface and a number of cutting-edge features, like a torrent downloader, a clever algorithm for performance optimization, and auto-resume after mistakes and connection breaks, make it one of the best free download managers.

10. Internet Download Manager

One of the best-known download managers is IDM, which is owned by Tonec, Inc. in the United States. It works well despite being a paid download manager. With this, you may without a doubt proceed. If you don’t trust me, take advantage of the free 30-day trial offer for IDM. I’ve tried it and experienced an acceleration in performance over a browser.

IDM works with a variety of browsers, including Maxthon, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Most online video streaming services allow you to download their videos. You may continue interrupted downloads using IDM as well.

Cons: It costs $24.95 for a lifetime license, but you may choose a free 30-day trial to see whether it’s the best fit for you. In our opinion, it’s definitely worth a try.

11. BitComet

Rather than being primarily a download manager, BitComet is a free, extremely effective, and simple-to-use BitTorrent download client. Long-term seeding, clever disk caching, and previewing while downloading are some of its characteristics.

BitComet is a BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download client that supports a variety of contemporary BitTorrent protocols, including the DHT network, Magnet Link, UDP Tracker Protocol v2, and more.

12. FlashGet

One of the best free download managers is FlashGet, which has a completely spyware- and adware-free user interface and is simple to use. Its best-in-class features include automated anti-virus scans to remove viruses, malware, and adware once the download is complete and resource optimization to prevent interfering with regular use.

It employs MHT (Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technology and optimization arithmetic, has a robust file management feature, and may safeguard your hard drive and improve download stability.

13. uGet

Open-source, simple, and cost-free download manager uGet employs several connections to download your content. To increase download speed, the program enables up to 16 simultaneous connections.

Its features include the ability to download torrents, copy URL detection, download scheduling, and integrations with popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Opera, and Vivaldi.

Being accessible on several operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Android, is a benefit. It is one of the best free download managers because there were no major drawbacks found. You may download YouTube videos using uGet.

14. Ninja Internet Download Manager

Another excellent download manager is Ninja Download Manager, which lets you use numerous concurrent connections to boost download speeds by up to 20 times.

Its ability to set the download speed of a single download, a whole queue, or all Ninja Download Manager downloads allows you to use the Internet while downloads are taking place, making it one of the best free download managers.

A built-in encrypted login manager allows you to safely keep track of your numerous website logins so they are automatically established. You may schedule downloads via HTTP, Socks4, or Socks5 proxy servers. A distinct user interface that supports several browsers and is accessible for Windows and macOS is one of the benefits. No support for torrents is the sole drawback.

15. iGetter

Another excellent, fully functional download manager from Presenta Software is iGetter. With iGetter, you may maximize your network connection, including wireless, cable, fiber optic, DSL, and other premium internet connections, in contrast to other free download managers.

Segmented (accelerated) downloading using iGetter can significantly increase the speed of your downloads. Users may plan downloads for times when there is little traffic, use queue filtering using different criteria, auto-shutdown or sleep on completion, and much more.

Site Explorer offers exploration of full web or FTP sites and is geared for minimal RAM and CPU utilization, making it a free download manager worth a try. Its capabilities include building mirror panels and scheduling downloads.


Without a doubt, if you’re downloading a big file, a download manager is important. Large files become challenging to download using a browser. Best free download managers can restart stopped downloads; browsers cannot.

If you want to utilize one that is paid, choose IDM. Before you pay, you get 30 days to test it out. You’re going to enjoy it, I’m sure. Tell me which download manager you intend to use initially. Through these free movie applications, you may view movies and TV episodes online without having to download them beforehand.


Which free download manager is the best?

The best free download managers for Windows and macOS devices include Internet Download Accelerator, Free Download Manager, Download Accelerator Manager, GetGo, and JDownloader.

Is IDM still reliable?

One of the best download managers that is still free is IDM, or Internet Download Manager. It is a well-known utility with quick downloads and ease of use.


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