Apps like PicsArt gain popularity more and more in 2023. The need for attractive photos and original images for social media is growing, which increases the appeal of photo editing apps. Best apps like PicsArt free photo editing are discussed in this post, along with several more suggestions. While some of them may include advertisements, others could demand that you sign up for a premium plan in order to enjoy the services.

What is PicsArt?

With the help of the photo editing software PicsArt, you can change an image however you like. The features of this software are free, and it is accessible on both the Play Store and the Software Store. You could adore a number of things from PicsArt, such as:

  • Tools for editing that beginners may use.
  • There are several filters, effects, stickers, and collages that may be customized.
  • Simple user interface (UI) design, yet includes a number of strong tools.
  • There is a live camera available.

You might argue that PicsArt combines simplicity, creativity, and enjoyment. It appears that this program makes it simple to make as many edits to your photos as you like.

In addition, you can follow the style and add motion effects to your photos to make them move. The free edition, however, only provides minimal features. All sophisticated features have a rather high price. In addition, none of the fun editing capabilities, such as replacing the sky or adding light rays, are available.

Best Apps Like PicsArt for Android and Mac

PicsArt has produced top-notch work, however, you might be interested in learning about your alternatives. Additionally, PicsArt isn’t the only tool that can produce beautiful images for your Instagram feed. Whatever your needs, the following list of best apps like PicsArt free photo editing can be worthwhile.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express


It would be unjust to leave Adobe Photoshop Express out of a discussion of apps that are comparable to PicsArt and increase functionality while being entertaining. You may be aware of Photoshop’s potent capabilities. These days, both iOS and Android smartphones let you use these potent capabilities. You may edit the images on your phone in addition to making collages. Photoshop Express works just like any other photo editing program to help you produce breath-taking images for social networking. The good thing is that you won’t have to put much work into it because the system will handle it for you. Therefore, you ought to use Photoshop Express. For those who have been using Photoshop on PC, it is a useful feature. This tool is considered as best apps like PicsArt free photo editing in 2023.

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2. Lightroom


With Adobe Lightroom, several adjustments may be made. Although it is not precisely like PicsArt, you can easily add your own touches to your photo with this program. You may utilize the built-in camera to get the ideal photo in addition to editing it using its features. The editing tools are powerful, and you can easily change any component of the image. Lightroom has both free and subscription options and is one of the top apps like PicsArt for Android and iOS. You may access all services and functions, as well as cloud storage, by paying USD 4.99 per month. This tool is considered as best apps like PicsArt free photo editing in 2023.

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3. Photo Editor Pro


Photo Editor Pro, created by InShot Inc., merits inclusion on the list of apps similar to PicsArt. You can use all of the filters and photo-editing tools for free, and the program is lightweight. This software will assist with the editing, whether you want to share the images with friends or publish them on social media. Photo Editor Pro offers a function to make you seem taller or thinner, in addition to making a collage using 18 images. This software is free, as previously said, but advertisements will run. Therefore, if you intend to use Photo Editor Pro in the long run, you should think about subscribing to its premium plan.

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4. Snapseed – Apps Like PicsArt


For iOS and Android, a number of apps that are comparable to PicsArt are available. One of the apps that is worthwhile to try out is Snapseed. At least 30 editing tools are included with this program. With filters and preset editing, editing photos will be much simpler. Snapseed is a program that, above all else, enables you to edit images in such a playful manner. Everyone who utilizes it will be in awe of its small size and strength. The abundance of choices might be overwhelming for new users in particular. For those who have been editing photographs for some time, Snapseed is one of the best editing programs available. Although you may download and use it for free, there are in-app charges.

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5. Koda Cam

In the meantime, Koda Cam is a worthwhile option if you enjoy using photo editing software that enables you to transform any image into a retro-looking one. By utilizing Koda Cam, you can easily make any photo on your phone appear slightly vintage. Every image you choose will have scratches and dust that give it a nostalgic feel. However, Koda Cam is only accessible through the Play Store. You should definitely think about this program as a PicsArt substitute because it is user-friendly and lightweight. This tool is considered as best apps like PicsArt free photo editing in 2023.

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6. BeautyPlus – Apps Like PicsArt


BeautyPlus comes with a smart camera to give your shot a great look, so it is not necessary to use one of the photo editing apps like PicsArt. Other than shooting live photos, there are editing programs that may help you get your desired appearance without first applying any makeup. BeautyPlus offers unique effects and intriguing filters, much like the majority of the picture editing apps on the list, to produce an amazing Instagram feed. Its extensive add-on collections make it easy to add inscriptions and stickers. Although BeautyPlus is normally free, access to its premium features requires an initial subscription fee. This tool is considered as best apps like PicsArt free photo editing in 2023.

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7. Photo Studio


You may want to take a look at some of the PicsArt alternatives, such as Photo Studio. Everyone is free to use it because it is freely available on the Play Store and the App Store. This program may help you create beautiful photographs, but you should make sure you have enough storage space available because it is not a lightweight app. However, the outcome is excellent and breathtaking. Photo Studio is a free program, despite its enormous size and advanced photo-editing tools. So long as you have the room to accommodate the size of the software, you may try it out.

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8. Photo Editor by BeFunky


There is a photo-editing program that offers free services without sometimes bothering you with advertisements. The name of this program is Photo Editor by BeFunky. This program is free, and there are no advertisements, but that doesn’t imply the service is bad. Instead, BeFunky is dedicated to providing a strong program with a variety of strong tools to edit and create high-quality images. You may manage collages, add photographs, and do many other things in addition to standard picture editing. Why not give BeFunky a try right away because it is free? This tool is considered as best apps like PicsArt free photo editing in 2023.

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9. Prisma Photo Editor


One of the other apps like PicsArt is Prisma, which offers intriguing features and powerful capabilities. This app’s photo editing capabilities are pretty strong despite its small size. You may convert a photo into a painting with Prisma in addition to applying effects and stickers. Quite intriguing, huh? Additionally, you can pick from more than 300 different painting styles. A lot of users like using this program. So, Prisma Photo Editor is the ideal choice if you’re seeking something like PicsArt that focuses more on enjoyment.

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10. Afterlight


Despite the fact that Afterlight is not one of those free apps like PicsArt, you will undoubtedly enjoy its features and capabilities. On the other hand, Afterlight is accessible for both iOS and Android phones; however, the latter may not be as sophisticated. This program is mostly made to modify the aesthetic aspects of your images. You have a lot of possibilities with Afterlight, ranging from colors and compositions to buildings and other add-ons. It also includes a number of entertaining stickers. A one-time payment of USD 35.99 or USD 2.99 per month is required. If you don’t mind the membership plan in the first place, you should think about utilizing this editing program. This tool is considered as best apps like PicsArt free photo editing in 2023.

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Final Thoughts – Apps Like PicsArt

You can discover a ton of alternatives on both the App Store and Play Store when it comes to picture editing apps that app like PicsArt. But not all of those apps are free. Of course, there are some costs associated with the choices listed above. Even some of them demand that consumers join up for membership services. It demonstrates how crucial it is to be aware of what to search for in a picture editing program. If you’ve used Adobe programs before, Photoshop Express and Lightroom can be excellent options.

However, the Pixlr is a wonderful option for individuals who value simplicity above everything else. Overall, the apps like PicsArt that were selected above do the job effectively. You can locate the ideal software for the task if you know what to search for.


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