Do you enjoy making jokes about your loved ones? Making up a fictitious discussion is a fun prank to try out, especially if you are tired of rubber spiders or the classic fake blood prank. The best Fake Message Apps are now available, allowing you to create fictitious chats on your phone.

The only function of best Fake Message Apps is for amusement. You may customize the talks as you like because they are made-up. Furthermore, those best Fake Message Apps are not true chat apps, so you cannot exchange messages using them.

Best Fake Message Apps for iOS and Android

When it comes to best Fake Message Apps, there are a few choices. Each generator has unique characteristics that you can customize to your tastes. The following list might be useful if you’re seeking an app to pull pranks on others.

1. iFake: Funny Fake Messages


iFake is a fun app for making fake messages on your Android and iOS devices. With the help of this app, you can perform a prank on your loved ones by creating a fake chat window on a variety of instant messaging services, including Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

This app combines a straightforward and user-friendly interface with realistic-looking conversation so that no one can tell that you are making a joke about them. With iFake, you can get the job done, whether you want to make a private chat or a group chat with an infinite number of people. Additionally, you may utilize iOS emojis to enhance communication.

The best fake message app provides you with the option to store the project on your cellphone when the conversation is finished, so you can quickly share it later. When simulating a discussion on WhatsApp or Telegram, the fake chat backdrop may also be changed. This app is included in the list of the best Fake Messages Apps in 2023.

The dark mode is yet another feature of iFake that you’ll adore. You may make use of it if you want to make it appear great or if you just need a handy visual. Are you considering using this application? Download it without charge from the App Store or Google Play Store. This app is included in the list of the best Fake Message Apps in 2023.

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2. Telefun Fake Chat Maker Prank

Telefun is the second-best fake message app for making chat spoofs. It guarantees that you may exchange realistic conversations with your loved ones. This app is perfect for you, whether you’re looking to perform a prank or just want to use your creativity.

The most powerful feature of Telefun is the ability to create fake users, contacts, channels, groups, and conversations in order to deceive others. It gives you the power to steer the discussion in the direction you desire on both ends. Send fake chats to your family or friends after you’re finished.

Similar to the majority of best Fake Messages Apps, picture and video functionality is included. This implies that you may add pictures and videos to the dialogue to make it seem more authentic. For further pranks, you may even place a fake call.

It’s so much fun to create fake talks with Telefun, which has a user-friendly UI. Not to mention that it improves your imagination and originality while writing fiction. This app is included in the list of the best Fake Message Apps in 2023.

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3. WhatsMock


You may try WhatsMock for a convincing fake WhatsApp chat. With the help of this SMS pranking app, you may create amusing chats that aren’t genuine. Find out if your friends believe you by tricking them with unexpected conversations.

WhatsMock has genuine WhatsApp chats to ensure that everyone believes them to be real. Start by developing acquaintances, then have amusing discussions with them to prank your friends or family. In order to make it appear more credible, fake profiles can also be created.

WhatsMock also offers a fake status, complete emoji and sticker support, and fake multimedia capabilities including video, music, and pictures. From your phone, you may also place fake voice and video calls. This app is included in the list of the best Fake Messages Apps in 2023.

Controlling the discussions on both sides makes it far simpler to create whatever fake messages you want. Once done, you may capture screenshots and share them with all of your contacts using best fake message apps.

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4. Fake SMS


Fake SMS is another app for creating fake messages and chats. Receiving and sending fictitious text messages from anyone is useful. You may easily deceive your friends into thinking you actually get their messages if the design and interaction are convincing.

Fake SMS is a fantastic app for Android users to make fun of their friends. This app is quite easy to use. You may launch it once it has been downloaded to your device and take advantage of the sleek interface. Create a fictitious message using the font you want to use.

Anyone who needs to forge messages for fun purposes can use the best fake message app. Use fake SMS sparingly since it is not intended to assist you in illegal or criminal activity.

Making your friends or loved ones the target of a fake text prank may be a lot of fun. Make sure your phone meets the minimum requirements for this app because it supports Android 5.0 and later. There are no additional fees or in-app purchases when downloading Fake SMS. This app is included in the list of the best Fake Message Apps in 2023.

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5. Text Message Creator


A unique app called Text Message Creator allows users to have chats with more than 5 million other people globally. Use this app to generate fake chat discussions and tales with your friends or well-known people, and no one will ever suspect it is fake.

Thanks to a variety of topics, your talks appear natural. Additionally, it has an extremely user-friendly UI that makes it easy to create conversations. See how your family or friends respond when you prank them by talking to them about your health, school, or other topics.

What’s even more intriguing is tha;t you can use video to make your narrative come to life using this fake SMS app. You may narrate the tale and output your chat as a movie using this tool. You may now see the dialogue play while appearing more animated.

Use graphics to take your text prank to the next level. Simply include photographs in your messages to give your fake conversations a more authentic appearance. It is impossible for your friends to figure out this prank because it works for both sent and received messages.

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6. Fake SMS – Text Prank Message


As the name implies, this is a humorous app for making fake SMS and text pranks to make fun of other people. It is one of the best Fake Messages Apps available, with a user-friendly layout and functions that make controlling conversations on your mobile device simple.

You have access to and control over both sides of discussions using fake SMS. To make your friends or family believe a fake story is true, use your imagination and inventiveness. The theme may be changed to seem more realistic.

You won’t have to be concerned about making mistakes when using this app. You may fiddle with typos and modify ideas as much as you like thanks to the editing option. It has you covered, whether you want to appear cool by conversing with the president or your crush.

Fake SMS is entirely free to download and intended exclusively for fun purposes. You may use it without concern because there are no hidden fees or subscription-based charges. Before downloading, make sure your Android version is compatible. This app is included in the list of the best Fake Message Apps in 2023.

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7. TextingStory Chat Story Maker

People use TextingStory to record fake conversations and produce videos. Want to mix it up with the crowd? See how creative you can be by downloading this original fake conversation app to your Android or iOS device.

Like other best Fake Messages Apps, TextingStory allows you to record conversations. Write your imaginative works, and a sped-up video will be created automatically. Thanks to the rapid pace that remains constant, it appears realistic.

You won’t have to worry about making mistakes with our best fake message app. Every keystroke is recorded, so you can experiment with misspellings and repairs. Play with the limitless possibilities and use your creativity.

This chat tale generator has been around for some time, and as of right now, it has more than 10 million downloads only on Google Play. You may either enjoy the free download’s basic features or pay for in-app upgrades to improve your experience.

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8. Fake Text Message


One of the best Fake Messages Apps to trick anyone is Fake Text Message. You may replicate discussions with virtually anybody using your preferred messaging app, including your crush, a high school teacher, and even famous people, by creating fake text.

It’s easy to utilize this fake conversation app. You may start the program, create the fake messages for both sides, and then trick your friends. You may record the chat and store it for later use by taking a snapshot to send to others.

You may always use the most recent version of this program because the creator updates it frequently. Using fake text messages to create fake messages is quite simple.

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9. Text Story Maker

Text Story Maker is a good option if you want to trick your friends with a fake chat discussion. This is a fake Messenger chat app used to create discussions that appear to be genuine. Create your own tale and try to make it as plausible as you can.

Use Text Story Maker the same way you would a number of best Fake Message Apps. The fact that you can simply manage both sides is the sole unique feature of this app. By clicking the character’s name, you may switch sides and start editing the dialogue.

This app is appropriate for social media stories, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS texting. In order to enhance the authenticity of your communication, it also enables pictures, audio, and video. Dark mode is offered for your visual comfort.

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You may create fake discussions and chats with fake individuals using the best Fake Message Apps. You may flexibly tailor the conversation’s subject matter to your preferences with complete control on both sides.


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