To find out more about a certain genre, are you looking for websites or apps like Pinterest? Hold onto your position since we have some excellent alternatives for you.

If you’re acquainted with the Pinterest app, you already know that it’s the preferred website for those who enjoy creating idea-filled boards. It’s fantastic software for digital organizing and creativity, but it’s not as specialized as other online options. Therefore, it might not be feasible to “pin” some digital items to it. This is the reason why users like you look for apps like Pinterest.

Pinterest is a top-notch image-sharing social networking site that creates pinboards with information from numerous categories. The function may be utilized as a branding and marketing tool. Despite the fact that Pinterest is a generalist tool that works for everyone, you could want a different platform that focuses more on a certain specialization.

Best Apps Like Pinterest on Android and iOS

If you’re looking about what it’s like to use some of the competing Apps Like Pinterest that offer at least as much functionality, Pay close attention to our list before making a decision.

1. ArtStation

One of the best art curator apps available is Pinterest. It can pull media from several websites and is adaptable and structured. However, one area where it falls short is in offering a broad range of works by experts in the art world. You may be interested in ArtStation as a result.

Describe ArtStation. Simply put, if you’re trying to gather and organize ideas from seasoned digital artists, this is one of the best free apps like Pinterest. In actuality, the app mostly draws character, idea, and visual development artists. If you enjoy games or game art, it also functions as an online community for professionals in the field. And if you’re an artist yourself, it’s a terrific location to pick up tips from other individuals who share your interests or job.

What else distinguishes ArtStation from similar apps like Pinterest? It transcends organizational aspects. You may upload original artwork using the app to create an online portfolio.

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2. Behance

It’s difficult to overlook Behance while compiling the best Apps Like Pinterest. The app is well-liked by those who wish to gain a fresh perspective on all creative professions since it is a “goldmine” of works from diverse disciplines.

Illustrations, photos, fashion designs, brand concepts, animations, 3D models, and other types of content may be found on Behance. With those, the app transforms into a fantastic tool for gathering creative inspiration or discovering lovely things to appreciate.

Behance is also ideal for establishing your name in the world of visual arts. This is due to the fact that other users are able to add your artwork to their galleries, and vice versa. Through the app’s search optimization capabilities, they may quickly locate you and your portfolio. That’s fantastic since it will hasten your rise to fame in the arts as you get more connections and shares. If you have Behance, you might not even need a website.

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3. DeviantArt

Even though it doesn’t only feature the works of professionals, DeviantArt is just as well-known as ArtStation and Behance. The best-known feature of the free app is that it features artwork from creators of different levels of experience. As a result, it’s a fantastic online platform for beginning or experienced artists who want to submit their work without worrying about criticism.

In addition, DeviantArt is considered a haven for novel genres that have gained popularity in the art world. These genres vary from incredibly specialized forms of art, like street art, to somewhat popular (but still distinctive) ones, like sculptures, crafts, comics, and cosplay. Of course, photography and conventional or digital popular art are still supported on the platform.

DeviantArt is especially amazing since it functions almost exactly like a full-fledged social networking site. Why? You are able to participate in its online art community. Even forums are available for sharing simple art advice. Additionally, the app just added a group option that enables users who share similar interests to browse curated content.

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4. Fancy

The fact that Pinterest enables users to locate ideas, create mood boards, and collect things is frequently appreciated. But it also has the drawback of being restricted to the aforementioned duties. You must be redirected in order to upload a post or make a payment using the app. Fancy is a fantastic substitute for Pinterest because of this. Choose this option if you want to do more than just gather digital resources for inspiration.

You have access to a variety of items and content with Fancy. These include one-of-a-kind goods for the house, for ladies, men, children, and even pets. The app is best if you want the products you buy or suggest online to reflect your personality.

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5. FoodGawker

Whether it’s in the field of fashion, interior design, or the visual arts, apps like Pinterest tend to concentrate on design. However, the most underutilized and relevant specialty topic on the apps is food, which is featured extensively in Instagram Stories and posts. Of course, you could just follow foodies’ Instagram profiles to sate your craving for appetizing food photography. Try out the FoodGawker app instead if you want to show off your passion for food in novel ways.

As the name suggests, the iOS-only app is ideal for ogling delicious cuisine. The app’s usefulness doesn’t end there because it offers recipes in addition to food images. That’s right, FoodGawker may serve as a recipe book to inspire you to cook even when you’re at a loss for what to make for dinner. You won’t ever need to purchase another cookbook once you have it!

FoodGawker is also excellent in terms of the range of categories you may look through or use to focus your search. These include, among other things, breakfast and brunch, rice and grains, drinks, and more. You don’t have to restrict your search to cuisine by using the aforementioned groups to locate practically any food you choose.

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6. Hometalk

Check out Hometalk if you’re seeking adult-oriented apps like Pinterest that cater to your personal interests. After all, nothing quite makes you feel like a grownup like owning a home and furnishing it, right? Whatever your opinion on that remark, if you care about your house, Hometalk is something you should give a try.

The app’s appeal is due to what? This is due to the fact that it not only enables you to discover home décor ideas but also offers other helpful information on housing. Who would be the best to ask for their comments on those? Through the app, you can communicate with other homeowners. You may interact with the online community on Hometalk. The app is a terrific source of ideas and information, whether you have a query or worry regarding waterproofing, painting, floor tiling, or anything else.

DIY project content is popular on the platform as well, which is fantastic for DIY enthusiasts and frugal households. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, save and share those multimedia assets on Hometalk right now.

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7. Houzz

There are several home design-focused Apps Like Pinterest, but it can be difficult to find the top ones, like Houzz. Houzz is essential for current home construction projects. The innovative part of it is that you may purchase the stuff you see without ever leaving the app, allowing you to visually test whether or not the fixtures and other items will look well in your space. The best augmented reality (AR) apps for shopping and interior design can accomplish things, and that feature will serve as a reminder.

You will like Houzz’s ability to link you with the best local experts and its convenient reviews section if you still want to make decisions in a more conventional manner. The latter is excellent if you want qualified counsel and pertinent services.

In addition to everything else we’ve covered, the app always has the most recent home design inspiration. This is due to the fact that it bases its suggestions on local patterns.

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8. Instagram

We are aware that when considering apps like Pinterest, the Instagram app may not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, given how effective the platform’s curation tools have grown, this attitude needs to change. You may connect and talk with friends on Instagram in addition to following relevant hashtags. Additionally, you may add articles to your online or in-app library that you actually adore.

The variety of content available on Instagram is another fantastic feature. Any topic, including those relating to art, cuisine, fitness, the home, quotations, and more, may be found online. The software demonstrates that there is an endless supply of material available for you to browse and curate. Given the aforementioned qualities, Instagram earns a place on this list of Pinterest-compatible apps.

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9. Mix

You probably know that there are several apps like Pinterest, that add additional diversity to the stuff you typically consume. Add the Mix app to your list if you want more. You may delve into entries about cooking, philosophy, art, and other topics. If you have a wide range of interests, the app won’t let you down.

You may think that much of the stuff Mix delivers is of low quality, given its abundance. But with Mix, that isn’t the case. Rarely will you discover garbage posts or anything like that on the app; the majority of the information is of great quality. Additionally, a lot of those pieces are written in text form, which is perfect if you want to avoid using images. Mix is the ideal place to be if you enjoy reading lengthy papers, your mother’s baking recipes, or illustrations of Tolkien’s works.

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10. Pearltrees

When you hear Pearltrees’ name, you may think it’s a platform for nature exploration and curation. However, it has nothing to do with flora or mollusks (but you’ll discover that they do when you use the app since they do).

Putting the name aside, Pearltrees is among the best apps like Pinterest that let you collect all kinds of information or files in numerous forms. These might be notes, online pages, or images.

Even outside of the aforementioned feature, Pearltrees is comparable to Pinterest. You may work together with other users to curate collections from various sources or categories. You may then limit the media to simply the topics that concern you and your friends.

That is not to suggest that Pearltrees is not unique in any way. When you upgrade to its premium tier, you can receive more benefits. These tools allow you to modify saved web pages and increase your storage. You can always locate the app on your official mobile store if you like it.

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Everything ultimately comes down to the inspiration you discover, not the platform. These Apps Like Pinterest are entertaining to try, especially if you’re looking for something new since Pinterest never gets old. Which one will you choose as your favorite, then? Post your comments with your ideas.


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