Some of us use a few most expensive Android apps for additional features and functionality, and such apps are often not very expensive. But did you realize that some premium apps cost hundreds of dollars? They are all designed to provide an amazing user experience, from work tools to gaming apps. These most expensive Android apps are likely to deliver, whether you’re searching for a robust work tool or an intense gaming experience.

10 Most Expensive Android Apps

So, let’s get started and look at the top ten most expensive Android apps.

1. Most Expensive Counter App

Most Expensive Counter App

The Most Expensive Counter App is a countdown app that lets you begin a countdown with any number. It’s a regular countdown app, similar to what you’d get on your smartphone. Its black ball counter is its distinguishing characteristic. When you start a countdown with this app, the black ball in the center of the screen grows larger. It causes FOMO and motivates you to complete your task faster than previously. In terms of pricing, this app is not for everyone. Professionals, particularly sprinters, cube solvers, chess players, and cup stackers, can utilize it to boost their speed.

Price: $399.99


VPN PRO is an amazing app for users who wish to protect their system and network from viruses and hackers. The app provides unrestricted internet surfing, gaming streaming services, site bypassing, and server switching possibilities. Although it may be a little expensive for some, it is well worth the money. Unlike other VPN most expensive Android apps, this one has no restrictions and allows you to use all premium features. It is a one-time payment for a lifetime VPN subscription. However, it is the best alternative for folks who do not wish to participate in subscription-based services.

Price: $209.99

3. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine

Medical students might use the Color Atlas of Internal Medicine as a visual reference. It contains over 2,000 high-quality clinical, morphologic, laboratory, and radiographic pictures, as well as therapies for over 200 internal medicine disorders and the patient’s history. It’s not just one app. On the Play Store, you will discover a collection of various most expensive Android apps from Usatine with the same functionality that cover practically all medical specialties. However, the majority of the material in this app may also be found in books. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for experts looking for a digital medical encyclopedia.

Price: $99.99

4. Dr. Web Security Space Life

Dr. Web Security Space Life is a one-stop shop for all smartphone security issues. It protects customers from malware, unexpected calls, SMS, and spam URLs. In addition, you will receive parental controls, a firewall, anti-theft protection, a security auditor, and many more useful features all in one app. The best aspect of Dr. Web is its cost. You don’t have to worry about the security and privacy of your Android smartphone after purchasing their app because it’s a one-time commitment. They also provide monthly updates to protect your device from new dangers. At first sight, the price appears exorbitant. However, when compared to other software subscription programs, you may realize it’s a good all-arounder.

Price: $89.00

5. Spyera

Spyera is perfect for spying on someone without knowing who they are. This app offers SMS and WhatsApp monitoring, call recording, camera control, keylogging, and a variety of settings for tracking device behavior. Parents mostly use it to keep track of their children’s activities, but it may also be used professionally. Unfortunately, the app is not available on Google Play since it violates several Google standards. That is why you must buy it from their official website. They also provide a variety of plans for various types of users and devices. On their website, for example, prices range from $89 per month for smartphones to $479 per year for all devices. You may also purchase tablet or PC tracking plans.

Price: $89.00

6. Most Expensive Paid Apps Sales

Most Expensive Paid Apps Sales is a platform for app and game stores such as the Play Store and other platforms. It enables the download of several premium apps and games that may not be readily available. I appreciated how straightforward the user interface is. In a nutshell, you receive a collection of apps and games for a single payment. However, in order to download your favorite most expensive Android apps and games, you must first acquire their membership. The main issue with this shop is that, unlike other platforms, apps and games are restricted. When you compare the individual app and game costs to the other store prices, it is still worth the premium.

Price: $35.99

7. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is another espionage app on the list of the most expensive Android apps for tracking other people’s handsets. It can monitor all chat apps, phone calls, webcams, and even keylogging. In general, large corporations utilize it to monitor their staff in order to secure sensitive information. It, like other surveillance apps, violates practically all Google regulations; hence, it is not available on the Play Store. To get started with this app, you must first visit their website and purchase a plan. They have several options, ranging from $29.95 for the light plan to $119 for the severe plan. When you purchase one of their plans, they will walk you through the process and show you how to use all of the app’s capabilities.

Price: $29.95

8. Video Editor VideoShow Pro

Video Editor: VideoShow Pro is a video content creator’s tool. It provides all of the basic and sophisticated tools needed to create something unique on your mobile device. There are currently a number of video editing most expensive Android apps accessible on the Play Store. However, this app is distinct in that it allows you to hide watermarks, avoid commercials, and edit 4K films without slowness or other technical concerns. So that you enjoy a pleasant editing experience. VideoShow Pro also offers a free version that you may try before purchasing and upgrading to the premium version for a better understanding. From the perspective of a new video content provider, the premium version’s pricing appears ludicrous. However, it is far cheaper and better than purchasing Adobe Premiere Pro. It also saves you money on high-end PCs for video editing.

Price: $29.99

9. Cubasis 3

Are you a casual music fan or a seasoned music editor? Cubasis 3 has everything you need to make relaxing music. It includes tools for music editing and mixing, as well as other professional features. At $29.99, there are few music editing apps on the Play Store with as much functionality. Because it is difficult to deliver many professional features on mobile. However, because the app is 747 MB in size, it will take up a lot of space in your storage. Also, if you begin altering your music, it will very certainly be larger than 2 GB or more, depending on your usage.

Price: $29.99

10. Genius Scan Enterprises

Because the paper is critical to any business, you should use greater caution. Genius Scan Enterprises offers the most secure method of scanning documents and converting them to PDF format. You may use whatever scanner app you choose, but the main concern here is security. That is why investing a single penny in this app is worthwhile, especially for professionals. They also offer a free version available in the Google Play Store. However, it includes several advertisements and a watermark that may cause your document to appear illegitimate.

Price: $24.99


That concludes the list of the most expensive Android apps. Many apps adjust their fees for holidays or special events. If their prices are too high for you, you can always wait for a sale. Meanwhile, you may use their free edition or restricted trials to get a feel for the app. However, new most expensive Android apps are released on a daily basis. You can also look for alternatives. Do you use any other expensive apps? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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