Are you looking for the best recycle bin apps for Android? This post greatly simplifies the process of finding the best recycle bin app for your Android device. Recovery of deleted files from our devices is greatly aided by the recycle bin. Unintentionally deleting the wrong file, such as pictures or movies, might happen. The majority of individuals try to recover erased files.

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, your smartphone occasionally loses data. System failures and malware assaults are just two of the reasons for the disaster. The good news is that those awful issues can be resolved. The best recycle bin apps for Android are mentioned below.

You may thus simply recover your deleted files, including images and movies, by utilizing any of the programs we’ve suggested below. However, it has several drawbacks. We offer comprehensive information about best recycle bin apps for Android and how to retrieve lost data. You may discover a list of Play Store-compatible best recycle bin apps for Android that keep your deleted files in this post.

Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

Using a dump app on your Android not only helps maintain the health of your smartphone, but it also makes it simple for you to reach the recycle bin. The best recycle bin apps for Android listed below range in price from free to subscription-based. Check this out to see which app suits you the best.

1. Cx File Explorer

As its name implies, this program generally functions as a file explorer. However, it has a number of features that also enable you to take advantage of the advantages of free best recycle bin apps for Android.

All Android users will find the built-in recycle bin in Cx File Explorer to be of great utility. The recycle bin of this software will securely keep all of the files you remove using it. The bin may also be accessed from the app’s home screen, which is a huge convenience.

As a result, if you mistakenly destroy any kind of file, you can easily recover it with a single press. Likewise, you may delete all of the files at once.

Make sure to only remove your files using Cx File Explorer in the beginning, even though the trash bin will automatically enable its functionality. Otherwise, it won’t be able to recover the deleted files.

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2. Recover Bin Free

With the Recover Bin Free program, you can quickly restore photo and video data. This app’s functionality is comparable to the quick-and-easy functions found in your computer’s recycle bin. You may recover PDF and audio files in addition to photos and videos with this program.

Its deep scanning capability allows you to quickly locate deleted pictures. Users of Recover Bin Free can also modify the bin. The majority of functions are available without charge, except for classifying views for convenience. This tool also has a paid premium edition available if you want more advantages than those that Recover Bin Free offers. This app is considered in the list of best recycle bin apps for Android and mac in 2023.

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3. DiskDigger

An outstanding Android recycle bin app is DiskDigger, which provides simple functions and conveniences. You may utilize the app’s free service to recover photographs and videos by downloading it for free from the Play Store.

DiskDigger also features a function that lets you erase all trash and pointless data from your phone with a single press, in addition to restoring apps. There is no way to go back after you click the “Clean Up” button since everything in the bin will be gone.

This program also lets you choose the location for file restoration, which is an intriguing feature. It can be in your smartphone’s designated folder or in the cloud. DiskDigger is accessible for practically all Android smartphones; however, if the phone has previously been rooted, it supports a wider range of file formats.

Only photos and videos may be restored using its free service. You may upgrade your plan to a personal license for USD 14.99 if you want to be able to recover more file types. After all, it is worth paying for. This app is considered in the list of best recycle bin apps for Android and mac in 2023.

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4. Recycle Bin

You must be quite familiar with your desktop’s recycle bin if you use it frequently. While the PC version of the software is effective and strong, the Recycle Bin for Android phones offers comparable functionality. On the Play Store, this application is free to download.

For this program to work its magic, simplicity of usage is also encouraged. To save the erased files to its internal storage for later retrieval, all you have to do is press the play button. It’s also simple to retrieve those files; just press on one and select retrieve.

Your files are not stored on Recycle Bin’s servers, and it doesn’t gather any personal information about you. This app is by far the best free recycle bin for Android that you can get. This app is considered in the list of best recycle bin apps for Android and mac in 2023.

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5. Recycle Master

Which Android recycle bin is the best? While there are many solutions available that give a ton of extra capabilities, Recycle Master already includes the services provided by the recycle bin that is installed on your PC.

Files that you unintentionally remove will appear immediately in the “Recently Removed” tab on the app’s home screen. As a result, because it only requires one press, recovering the files is significantly simpler.

In addition, the app’s “Deep Recover” feature enables you to completely examine the internal storage and locate the deleted data. Recycle Master works fantastically with all file types and, if desired, may even restore previously removed best recycle bin apps for Android.

Recycle Master must be running in the background, though, for the functions to work as intended. Your phone’s battery life might potentially be impacted. Recycle Master is still a great option for recovering deleted files from your smartphone.

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6. Simple Gallery

This software, like the others on this list, is a solitary garbage app, based on the name. However, Simple Galley is unquestionably the best option if you’re seeking a good picture recovery tool with a recycle bin function.

Unless you have previously rooted your phone, it is very hard to keep track of every deleted file. As your phone’s default software, Simple Gallery will assist you in managing your photo files. Therefore, any file that is removed from this program will be sent directly to the trash.

This program is not only a simple and useful way to create a photo gallery, but it is also easy to use. There are no ads, cloud links, bloatware, or other potentially annoying features in the free software.

It’s as simple as that: all of the files you deleted from Simple Gallery will immediately be placed in the trash bin, and the system will display them in reverse chronological order. This app is considered in the list of best recycle bin apps for Android and mac in 2023.

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7. MiXplorer

Another file organizer for Android smartphones is this one. Once more, the program will work its magic for you using a built-in recycle bin. MiXplorer can extract nearly every form of content from your Android phone, including music, movies, PDFs, and photo files. Once you have this app loaded on your phone, the convenience is even better thanks to the “Undo” function.

The system will now prompt you each time you wish to permanently remove a file from your Android smartphone or move it to the trash Android app from MiXplorer. Although the app’s features are all unquestionably strong, you can only use them if you pay for the app. In many respects, the USD 4.49 price is a good investment. This app is considered in the list of best recycle bin apps for Android and mac in 2023.

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8. File Commander

At some point, trash apps for Android phones or best recycle bin apps for Android come as an inbuilt feature in another app. The same also goes with File Commander. This one is an app that manages all files on your phone but you can take advantage of its recycle bin feature as well.

The feature supports almost all file types so that you can recover deleted files easily. You can find those files on the app’s homepage. However, those files are traceable if you delete them through File Commander.

Most features offered by this app are available in its free plan. However, the recycle feature itself can only be unlocked if you purchase the premium plan through its in-app purchase options. Give it a try, after all.

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9. Data Recovery

Data Recovery is undoubtedly a good piece of software to recycle lost items from your phone. Millions of Android users have downloaded this app worldwide.

This software employs revolutionary technologies to recover practically any type of file on your phone so that you may take care of such items with a single swipe. Once you download the app on your phone, the system will go to work right away.

All erased data, including documents, apps, movies, and images, will be created into backups by data recovery. The backup, however, only functions as soon as you install the program. Unfortunately, you cannot restore any data that you erased prior to data recovery.

The best feature of this program is that the recovery procedure may be carried out without an internet connection. Data recovery is thus your best option if you’re looking for a recycle bin that doesn’t charge for any of its services. This app is considered in the list of best recycle bin apps for Android and mac in 2023.

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10. Dumpster

To totally and simply recover garbage Android, you need a decent app. Additionally, a dumpster may be your best alternative if you’re seeking this sort of service.

The creator claims that this program offers exceptional service for recovering and restoring any video and photo data on your phone and does it in a matter of seconds. In addition, it contains a potent “Deep Scan Recovery” capability that might be useful in a certain situation.

Do you want to remove every file from the recycle bin? Simply press the “auto clean” function to get started. Please feel free to give this software a try, but first make sure you have a backup of all your stuff. One of the free best recycle bin apps for Android available on the Play Store is called Dumpster, and it offers in-app purchases as well.

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