Many nanny websites and babysitter apps or best babysitting apps promise top-notch services, but only a select handful stand out. The following best babysitting apps and websites make it simpler than ever to look for, book, pay, and communicate with possible babysitters.

To find the nanny of your dreams, use one of these babysitting apps. Using these best babysitting apps, parents can often search through a database of babysitters, examine their profiles, read reviews, and schedule a sitter for a certain day and time. Learn more about the best babysitting apps and websites in the following paragraphs.

Top 9 Best Babysitting Apps And Websites To Find A Babysitter

To help you with finding trustworthy daycare, here is a list of the best babysitting apps.

1. Sittercity

You need a babysitter but don’t have the time to complete the research. Sittercity believed it would be simpler for them to send the results directly to you since they have so many caregiver profiles—more than 1 million throughout the country offering babysitting, nannying, pet sitting, geriatric care, tutoring, housesitting, and housekeeping services. You may find matches based on their talents and availability by searching by zip code or posting babysitting jobs. Then, you may read testimonials and reviews, schedule interviews, and even buy background checks. Every nine seconds, according to the firm, a family is connected to a local sitter. This app is included in the list of best babysitting apps for your baby. Many college students who are good with children and seeking additional money frequent Sittercity, so you may discover a ton of inexpensive possibilities there as well. Pricing: $35 per month; free basic membership available.


This website is a giant among those for babysitting: More than 25 million individuals in 20 different countries use the website and its accompanying app to locate babysitters, making it the largest online supplier of carers (including babysitters, nannies, special needs caregivers, tutors, elder caretakers, pet sitters, and housekeepers). Its new simplified, three-step “Date Night” engine makes it even simpler to get out to watch your allocated one blockbuster movie a year. Both best babysitting apps allow parents to search for, rate, book, and pay babysitters. Pricing: $39 for a month or $13 for a full year; a free basic membership is also offered.

3. Helpr

Helpr links you with a network of vetted experts, so you may request a sitter with as little as three hours’ notice when you need childcare right away. All babysitters are CPR certified, have at least two years of childcare experience, must pass phone and in-person background checks, offer references, and allow a social media evaluation. There are no monthly costs because you just pay for the hours reserved. Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ojai, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago are now among the cities where you may reserve a babysitter. Pricing: $23 to $26 an hour. This app is included in the list of best babysitting apps for your baby.

4. Bambino

If you’ve ever wondered, “There must be babysitters near me needing work, but how do I find them?” Your new best friend may be Bambino. Using your Facebook account, this well-known tool for finding babysitting jobs connects you with sitters your friends have used and suggested. It enables parents to make a request for a reservation with the babysitters they’ve authorized, creating a list of those who are available and letting you select the one you want. From junior sitters (13 to 15-year-olds who are new to babysitting) to elite sitters (18 or older, with a lot of experience, and background-checked), there are four different rates that sitters may earn. This app is included in the list of best babysitting apps for your baby. Timing is automatically monitored, and in-app payment is available. Pricing: No charge to download, $2 to $3 per session for booking, plus your chosen rate.

5. UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter is the Uber of babysitting websites, with 150,000 caregivers in 60 locations and an average response time (to last-minute requests) of three minutes or fewer. The entire procedure is controlled by a single, straightforward interface for parents and caregivers. You may browse through categories like experience, pay rate, and background, search for jobs, and post jobs for free, but you must pay a monthly charge to book a sitter. In the app, you can publish reviews and make payments. This app is included in the list of best babysitting apps for your baby. Pricing: sitters choose their own charges at $35 per month or $124 per year with a membership.

6. Komae

With the free babysitting cooperative app Komae, you can exchange babysitting with others in your neighborhood. You use your network to take turns watching each other’s children instead of hiring a sitter. However, Komae avoids the anger that results when babysitting responsibilities aren’t evenly distributed by letting users earn points for babysitting and spend points on paying someone else to watch their children. Of course, this type of informal arrangement may be organized without a mobile app. As points do not have to be immediately exchanged, there is still opportunity for flexibility.

While babysitting the Smith children will give you points, having Johnson watch your children will use those points. And if it doesn’t wind up being precisely 50/50, don’t stress. You can buy more points if you need more assistance than you have time to offer. Additionally, you may cash out on earned points if you’re prepared to perform more babysitting yourself than you require from others. Babysitters receive bonus points for watching more kids and working on the weekends. This app is included in the list of best babysitting apps for your baby. Additionally, parents may set up particular groups to limit sharing to people they know and trust. Extra points are available for $5 per hour.

7. Nannylane

Nannylane assists families in finding local full-time and part-time nannies as well as arranging nanny shares, in which two families split the cost of hiring one nanny. They provide payroll services in exchange for a monthly fee, allowing families to pay their nanny on the books while having taxes deducted and filed automatically, pay stubs generated, and payments transferred to nannies via direct deposit. Paying for a nanny share is also made simple by the payroll service, which computes each family’s fee based on the number of hours they split. This app is included in the list of best babysitting apps for your baby. Currently, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland are among the cities where Nannylane is offered. Basic accounts are free, and Nannylane PLUS accounts cost $55 per month and feature background checks, payroll services, and a more thorough applicant search.

8. Juggle

Juggle is a babysitter app that can be used on both iOS and Android smartphones, although it only lists babysitters in the United States right now. It offers pet sitting and summer nanny support in addition to giving parents safer and more intelligent childcare alternatives.

This app hires college students and recent graduates to be babysitters; thus, these sitters are more enthusiastic and engaging and like interacting with your children. Due to their hectic schedules, college students are unable to sign up for jobs with set working hours; hence, Juggle mostly provides flexible assignments with good compensation. Juggle takes a commission of 20% of your hourly rate, and because of a smooth payment system built into the app, your profits are transferred right to your bank account. This app is included in the list of best babysitting apps for your baby.

Families have two options for signing up: either their Facebook account or an email address. They may see who their friends are hiring and read real reviews about those babysitters if they join up through Facebook. The app’s social network and community filters allow you to look for a dependable nanny or caregiver.

9. Sittr

There’s a good reason why Sittr claims to be Australia’s top app for locating babysitters and nannies. They have made Sittr, an app that connects parents and babysitters, into a relatively simple system that streamlines the entire hiring and signing-up procedure.

Sittr offers caregivers insurance coverage while they are babysitting, which is different from other best babysitting apps. Babysitters register on the app and indicate when they are available to work. They can choose to get employment alerts sent right to their email inbox.

The babysitters are confirmed by Sittr as having first aid and working with children certifications. They must also provide a copy of their IDs for verification. When parents directly pay you through the app, Sittr also makes the payment procedure simpler and transfers the money into your bank account.


Is there such a thing as online babysitting app?

Virtual sitting is indeed a growing trend. A professional is hired to temporarily engage youngsters in digital activities during a virtual sitting. The sessions might play educational games, provide entertainment, or direct children through online activities. Many best babysitting apps, such as Sittercity,, and others, provide virtual babysitting services.

2. Should I provide tips to babysitters?

The effectiveness of the babysitter in caring for your children will determine whether or not you should tip them. It is not required. But offering them a gratuity could be a nice way to express your appreciation for their knowledge and bond with your kids.

It takes a lot of work to juggle a demanding schedule while caring for children and working. When you have an important meeting to attend, want to go out for some alone time, or need to catch up on some sleep, babysitters can save the day. Best babysitting apps and websites may save you time and provide you with some much-needed breathing room by linking you with dependable nannies.


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