Perhaps the best consensus in the world: secure, clean, open, and relying on general equipment.

PoC explained

PoC is short for Proof-of-Capacity. “Capacity” here stands for storage capacity, which is the maximum size of data that storage device can contain.PoC is a consensus mechanism where miners compete for block production by providing mathematically verifiable commitments to their storage capacity. Before a miner can join the consensus, special data packages (Plots) should be generated and filled into the storage.

PoC is a better consensus


PoC miners compete by providing larger storage capacity to keep the network safe.


With only a fraction of electricity consumption, a PoC network can easily reach the same security level as PoW ones.


Miners with 'capacity' join the consensus anytime, anywhere. NO ASIC-lization. NO monopoly.

PoC 2 Plus (PoC2+)

Lava has proposed and launched a key PoC2+ consensus protocol upgrade. This new plotting standard reshapes the most critical plotting process in PoC, repairs the technical loopholes in the original standard (PoC2), and ensures that PoC consensus can achieve higher security. By mathematically clarifies the ownership of the plot file, the new standard has for the first time achieved a rigid attribution for the PoC capacity power and established foundation in the mechanism level for long term development of the whole PoC ecosystem.

HyperPlotter & PoC2+ Kit

HyperPlotter is a high-performance plotter (plotting software) developed by Lava. HyperPlotter is designed for the new PoC2+ plotting standard, and forward compatible with the old PoC2 format. HyperPlotter takes significant role in the PoC2+ Kit, a complete solution package including plotting format, plotting algorithm, plotter and miner software. PoC2+ Kit will be open and shared to the entire PoC consensus ecosystem, leading the next generation industry standard.